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About School

Dynamic Records Sound School, an education center built on top of the recording studio, is situated in the center of Riga. Its primary function is to educate sound designers, composers/music producers, sound engineers, musicians.

Contemporary technologies allow anyone to create high-quality, commercial music anywhere - be it at home or even outdoors. You would need a computer, software, equipment and knowledge. Our Dynamic Records Sound School can give you all this knowledge, and also we trade audio equipment and software.

At our school, practical lessons and theory seminars are combined. Lessons can take place in professionally equipped rooms as well as in the recording studio itself. Remote lessons are available. Most promising students will receive personal recommendations and help in finding the right internships.


Who may benefit from our courses

Typical situations you may find yourself in and benefit greatly from our courses:

  • You like listening to music. The ability to compose and perform them can be obtained at any age and knowledge level.
  • You have meddled in music some time already. You create your own tracks, know your way around the software, know how to play a musical instrument, or sing.
  • You are a grown-up, who is looking at getting a useful and entertaining hobby, and you like music.
  • You have kids, and you're looking at musical activities for them, where you can spend some quality time and have some fun with them as well.
  • You are a professional musician who wants to modernize your workflow using a computer. You want to program your own instruments and entertaining musical performances.
  • You already work, or you want to be a live sound engineer.
  • You already work, or you want to be a game or movie sound designer.
Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • Flexible curriculum. You can choose to learn the exact subjects, that will allow you to get the knowledge and skills to get going faster.
  • Flexible timetable. When on your personal education course, you choose the intensity of the lessons yourself, to suit best to your ability to learn and timetable.
  • Certified tutors. Our tutors have diplomas of higher education in sound engineering and music creation as well as have educational and user certifications from the following companies: Ableton, Steinberg, AVID, Apple, Waves. But, most importantly, they have real-life experience obtained throughout the years of working in the industry.
  • Available resources and facilities. Our students have access to the recording studio and rare or specific audio equipment, which can be used to practice and hone your skills.
  • Recording and examples. All lessons are recorded on video and you will get your own unique video and learning material archive at the end of studies.
Learning process with us
  • The lessons are individual, average at 1-2hrs long, at the time that best suits you. The intensity is adjusted according to the ability and will of the student.
  • Lessons are conveyed on-site or remotely, using webinar or video conference software. The majority of lessons are recorded and are available to the student afterward.
  • Active students can use the school equipment for their own projects as well as seek personal feedback from tutors between studies via email.
  • In order to successfully proceed your studies, a computer and a pair of decent headphones are essential as well as basic computer and internet skills.
  • Upon graduation and successful completion of required exams and/or course works, the student will receive an official certificate.

About remote lessons

The biggest challenge in learning remotely is proper audio and video conferencing. Video conferencing apps have no problem sending video back and forth, but audio is limited just to one device, whereas we would need two - one for the microphone and the second one for the DAW. Due to some technical limitations, passing the microphone signal through DAW will not always work as intended, therefore we highly recommend installing certain apps to aid that.

These apps integrate into the system by creating virtual inputs and outputs that allow us to mix the signal from the mic and the DAW together and them pass the resulting signal to the video conferencing software.

You can find detailed instructions here (For Windows and Mac).

If you encounter any difficulties installing or configuring these apps, please contact your tutor, they will be glad to help!

NB: These apps are not required if you have an audio interface with loopback function such as Steinberg UR22mkII (available in store).


Rick Feds

Rick Feds

Ableton Push artist
Noisy Monk

Noisy Monk

Ableton Push artist


Before buying any courses, we strongly advise to get in touch with our specialists to ensure best experience. Our advisers will help you choose the best modules and for you and customise their quantity and order, taking into consideration your existing skills and knowledge as well as help you find the best compromise between tuition price and your budget.

Consultation also allows to get quick answers on sound design, audio workstations, music theory and other aspects of working with sound.

Consultations are free, and are conducted at mutually convenient time either remotely, or on site in Riga. Just fill in the form, and our colleague will get back to you in the next 48 hours.