Sound engineering

Курс сосредоточен на аспектах звукорежиссуры: запись имузыкальных инструментов в домашних и студийных условиях, редактирование, микс и мастеринг.
Find your way around a recording studio or a live venue. Learn to record, edit, mix and master.

Music production

Learn to make any style of music, using only a computer and a DAW.

Music creation club for kids

A fun and playful way to learn music.

Private consultation

A private session with a tutor. Ask us anything!

About our school

About our school

We are a sound engineering and music production school, certified by the Riga city council and the only Steinberg and Ableton certified school in the Baltics.

Who will benefit from the courses

Who will benefit from the courses

Anyone who is passionate about sound and music. Our program is equally well received by kid and grownups and even experienced musicians and producers will find the course incredibly useful.

Why study here

Why study here

Private lesson are what we do best. Learn at your own pace, have all your questions answered and get instant feedback from your tutor here at the school or online.

The learning process

The learning process

The lessons are one or two hours long and the intensity is adjusted for each individual student.


Rick Feds enrolled at out school when he already was an accomplished drummer and composer. He decided to take the course to be able to implement technologies into his music and learn new techniques to take his performances to a new, completely stellar level.

Rick Feds

Anton took both music production and sound engineering courses, which led him to find his own, unique musical and performance style. He is actively producing and  performing under the name Noisy Monk.

Noisy Monk

Ren enrolled at the school to be able to arrange and record live instruments for her own tracks. She is now working on Rain Cliff project, where she is a songwriter and main vocalist.

Ren Cricher

Ilya took music production and sound engineering courses. He has created a platform called RGBeatz, where he sells beats, sample libraries and track templates. He works with different artists as a producer, mix and mastering engineer.

Илья Дёмин

In my feedback I am not presenting any music labels or bands, I just had passed the courses in the
I would like to express my gratitude to Petr Glushkov and Vadim Znamensky for consulting and providing courses of
“Music creation in DAW” and “Sound Design”. To be perfectly honest, because of my conditions (location, time frames, interest),
the training program was quite modified, I am excited to see such understanding and flexibility from tutors side, RESPECT!
Additionally, I would like to say that guys are always ready to help you with advices, contacts and ideas.
And all who just think to start study in the school – Friends, this is a worthy investment in yourself and your future,
as well as interesting and positive people with great experience in the music industry, enjoy!!!

Artur Chernov