Music production

This course is for:

  • Absolute beginners, who want to learn to create their own professionally sounding tracks.
  • Musicians and producers who would like to step up their game and take music production, songwriting and arrangement to the next level.
You will learn to
  • Create rhythms, bass lines, harmonies and melodies.
  • Critically analyse tracks.
  • Create musical arrangements.
  • Design your own sound with synthesizers and samplers.
  • Record edit and manipulate sounds.
  • Mix and master tracks to professional standards.
  • Use industry standard music production software (DAW)  Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, Ableton Live
  • Perform live.
Upon the completion of the course and successful presentation of the final project, you will receive a diploma and some great material for your portfolio.
Course length: 50 hours
Price: 242 € per month (8 hours) * you can choose the course intensity yourself.
All lessons are private meetings with a tutor at our school/studio in Riga or an online session in Google Hangouts.
If you only want to take a part of the course, you can choose an hourly rate, although if you take the entire course, you save 35%.
Get a free consultation with the tutor before you begin the course!

Month 1

  • History and overview of the musical genres.
  • Rhythm and groove.
  • Sampling.
  • Intro to recording sound and MIDI.
  • Audio and MIDI editing.

Month 2

  • Audio and MIDI effects.
  • Automation.
  • Intro to sound design: using synthesizers.
  • Hardware and software synths.
  • Classifying and designing different sound timbres.
  • Using samples in sound design.

Month 3

  • Intro to music theory: tones, intervals, chords, scales, modes, tonalities.
  • Chord progressions, circle of fifth.
  • Sevenths chords and other types of chords.
  • Creating musical tension and release.
  • Advanced scales, creating melodies and bass lines.

Month 4

  • Developing pitch and rhythm.
  • Arranging: voicings, transitions, developments, modulations.
  • Analysing tracks using software.
  • Popular composition methods.
  • Arranging for different genres.
  • Using the DAW for live performances.

Month 5

  • Using Eq, saturation.
  • Dynamic controllers: compressors, expanders, gates.
  • Time based effects: delay, reverb and others. Stereo image.
  • Mastering the track.
  • Using effects with the arrangement.

Month 6

  • Modern music industry: how to make money with your music.
  • Working on your final track. Composing, recording, mixing, mastering.
  • Final exam.
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