Sound recording studio Dynamic Records

Sound recording studio Dynamic Records

Recording Studio founded in 2003 by Pyotr Glushkov in Riga, Latvia.

Hundreds of projects were accomplished on this studio: from album recordings to movie soundtracks, audio books, advertisements, radio sets and any flavor of singles, songs and music. Since then, Dynamic Records team have broadened their occupation. On top of the studio, an education center has been built, where anyone can seek knowledge and practice working on professional instruments, music production, and sound engineering.

The studio is equipped with everything you need to proceed any music instrument or sound recording. You can use 32 channels simultaneously, record drums, vocals, guitar cabinets or other instruments. Flexible routing and sophisticated monitoring system allow musicians comfortable simultaneous recording. Control room is set up with custom modification of Square Audio speakers and Dynaudio BM5

Estimated cost:

30€ / h + Tax (21%)

cost may vary depending on the nature and quantity of services provided

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