Recording studio

In the years of service, our studio has seen countless musical recordings, full album productions, audio books, ads, and post production sessions.

The studio became the foundation for the music production and sound engineering school as a great place for the students to perfect their skills.

Soundschool / Dynamic records studio has everything you might need to record, edit and mix a full band.
We offer:

  • 24 channel multitrack recording
  • Easy to use foldback monitoring for the band
  • A wide variety of microphones
  • A selection of musical instruments
  • Great monitoring options with Square audio main system and various Genelec near field monitors.

Our studio is also a Genelec demo studio, which means that you can always use a pair of calibrated Genelec speakers for you project or just
check out the new arrivals.

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Recording / mixing / mastering

25Per Hour

Rent the studio

1508 hour day


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