Sound engineering

This course is for

  • Anyone who is looking to with sound in the studio or at home.
  • For anyone who would like to work with live sound.
You will learn to
  • Design project recording studios, know your way around gear, monitoring systems and room acoustics.
  • Record various musical instruments, work with bands in a studio or live environment.
  • Edit the recorded material, mix and master tracks.
  • Understand the nature of sound, design your own sounds with synthesisers and samples.
  • Use various software (Digital Audio Workstation – DAW) Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, Ableton Live
Upon the completion of the course and successful presentation of the final project, you will receive a diploma and some great material for your portfolio.
Course length: 50 hours
Price: 242 € per month (8 hours) * you can choose the course intensity yourself.
All lessons are private meetings with a tutor at our school/studio in Riga or an online session in Google Hangouts.
If you only want to take a part of the course, you can choose an hourly rate, although if you take the entire course, you save 35%.
Get a free consultation with the tutor before you begin the course!


Month 1

  • Sound theory, acoustics.
  • Signal path, analog and digital recording.
  • Intro to DAW.
  • Audio interfaces.
  • Microphone theory: what they are and how to use them.

Month 2

  • Recording musical instruments: vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums.
  • Recording a live band.
  • Organising the workflow.
  • Editing the material.

Month 3

  • The DAW: virtual instruments, effects.
  • Working with MIDI, take comping.
  • EQ, saturation
  • Dynamic controllers (compressors, expanders, gates).
  • Time based effects: delay, reverb.
  • Automation.

Month 4

  • Learning to listen.
  • Analysing the track.
  • Мixing with a reference track.
  • Sound design. Synthesizers and samplers.
  • Using loudness meters and spectral analyzers when working on a mix.

Month 5

  • Loudness standards.
  • Audio formats and media.
  • Mastering.
  • Publishing the track on different platforms.
  • Designing a workspace: room acoustics, using room measuring software. Solving the problems.

Month 6

  • Working on the final project. Recording a live bang or engineering a live show.
  • Exam.
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