Modern music creation course for children

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We will teach your kid to analyze his or her favorite tracks, copy them and create their own music.

This is not only a useful hobby that can easily become a profession, this is an exciting pastime, that will positively affect the child’s mental capacity, creativity, personality development, and awaken the interest to explore the world around us.


A one-month subscription for two 40 minute lessons per week is included in the price.

During the course will learn:

    • Musical instrument and genre history
    • Patterns in rhythm, harmony, melodies
    • Basic physics with fun examples
    • Introduction to electronics
    • Programming
    • Sound design
    • Live performance
    • Professional audio software:
      Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase Pro, FL Studio, Cockos Reaper

Lessons are held individually at a time, convenient for you. Learning does not only consist of time with a tutor, a lot of work has to be done at home, for the child to learn to work on his own while getting feedback from the tutor by skype or email.
Even though our lessons are individual, we think group work is very important. That is why we are holding workshops where the kids can interact, make new friends and learn to cooperate creatively.

Length:  48 lessons (40 minutes long) = 6 months 2 hours a week

Grading: test, exam, final project.



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