Guitar Play


One of the most prevalent instruments in contemporary music is a guitar. A lot of variations of this instrument exist. This subject will help you make sense of all these variations and teach you the basics of playing the guitar.

You will be:

  • Learning the parts of the instrument and basics of sound making.
  • Learning about the classification of guitars and getting acquainted with different types of instruments.
  • Learning basic chords and scales.
  • Creating your own portfolio of songs.
  • Specifics of playing on different types of guitars
  • Advanced improvisation and sound-making techniques.

Additional information

Предварительно нужно сдать тест по курсу:

музыкальные основы


4 часа лекций, 10 часов практических семинаров, самостоятельная работа.


тест, экзамен, презентация проекта


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