Profession: video games and film sound designer.

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We will learn different workflows and approaches to creating sounds and effects for video games, films, apps and all other kinds of multimedia projects.

Upon completing this course you will:

Understand the workflows of sound recording on the set or in the recording studio.

Be proficient with sound and music designing software.

Be able to create sounds according to the artistic concept.

Achieve professional quality in your projects.

All lessons are being videotaped, so by the end of the course, you will have an archive of unique learning materials.

Length: 50 hours.

Grading: test, exam, final project.


Music creation in DAW of Choice

DAW or Digital Audio Workstation, a software made to work with sound and music, is an essential instrument in the life of any contemporary musician. This subject is dedicated to different DAWs, and selecting one or more that suit you best.

While studying we'll:

  • Study the functionality of the software and learn to create your own music at the same time.
  • Learn to analyze, copy and create your own music, record instruments and use virtual ones.
  • Learn to create your own arrangements and get high-quality final results.

Available apps: Ableton | Logic | Pro Tools | Cubase | FL Studio | Reaper | Other available upon request

Sound Design

Sound design is the art of creating timbres and sounds by using synthesizers, samplers, and effects.

The studies will cover the following subjects:

  • Timbre and sound structure
  • Principles of sound synthesis and acoustic recording
  • Musical instrument structure with principles of acoustics
  • Application of synthesizers and samplers for timbre and virtual music instrument creation
  • Making-up sound
  • Study of popular synthesizer models

A the end of the cycle of studies you will be able to create required timbres and master any synthesizer or sampler model.

Sound for video games

Game developers use special middleware software to design sounds and ambiance while still developing the game.
Nowadays, being proficient in this middleware software is a crucial skill for every sound designer applying for a job in this industry.

Our course is based on learning two of the most thought after middleware programs: FMOD and Wwise.
You will get familiar with the interface and learn the basics scenarios of sound design.

Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering

This subject is dedicated to the main skill of a sound engineer: mixing and mastering a song, a phonogram or a concert.

Included in this subjects are:

  • History of recording in music industry
  • Study of different sound sources and their properties
  • Types of acoustics. Microphone types and their properties
  • Setting up equipment, commutation
  • Workflow management
  • Sound processing, fixing errors, working with takes
  • Mixing and Mastering practice

Sound for Video

A sound in the video is a separate world, that is inseparable from any cinematographic piece. Sound sets the mood and sets the dynamic of the movie. This subject is dedicated to the fine details of working with sound in the movie industry.

At the end of the studies, you will be able to record a sound on set and create a soundtrack for a short feature video.

You will cover the following:

  • Particulars of working with sound for video
  • Specifics of working on a set
  • Workflow standards, its synchronization
  • Processing material after recording
  • Studying specific functions of Pro Tools and Nuendo. Surround Sound.

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