Speciality: sound engineer (50 hours, private lessons)

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A course, that focuses on sound engineering. Discussions will be held on how to build a recording studio, methods of recording, editing audio mix, and mastering. Made for practicing musicians as a qualification improvement, or for beginner producers/sound engineers

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Length:  50 hours

Grading: test, exam, final project

Physics of Sound

There is a huge amount of concepts and theories, which helps us to deal with sound consciously and effectively.

This subject helps you to learn oscillating systems and mechanic waves to make it possible gathering information and performing its analysis. You will understand properties of sound and ways we can create and manipulate it.

Main topics:

  • Energy, mass and matter and time concepts in real world
  • Gas laws of physics and pressure
  • Oscillatory processes and their behavior
  • Properties of waves. Mechanic, electromagnetic and other types

After finishing the course you will learn to make measurements and will understand how sound is generated and acts in nature.

Basics of Electronics and Circuitry

This subject is dedicated to the use of electricity for practical use with audio equipment. It is a study of laws of nature and technical solutions that enable recording and playing back sound.

You will learn how to diagnose simple circuits, build an amplifier and commutation as well as:

  • Properties of electric current
  • Basics of circuitry
  • Basic electric components and their properties
  • Mains power
  • Building electronic devices
  • Circuit modelling
  • Prototyping in using software

Signal Theory

This subject will allow you to understand the world of digital sound. This understanding will help you get the high-quality result when recording or processing sound.

We will be covering the following:

  • Principles of recording, storing and transferring info. Signal properties.
  • Digital audio and theory of analog to digital conversion.
  • Methods of analysis and processing of sound data
  • Acquaintance with audio devices
  • Sound data formats for storage and sharing


This subject will teach you to analyze different rooms and audio systems, find and fix sound issues. The basic skill you will get is the ability to build a studio.

  • Room and acoustic system properties
  • Methods of soundproofing and acoustic control
  • Performing acoustic measurements, compiling and analysis of information
  • Projecting and realization of soundproofing projects.

Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering

This subject is dedicated to the main skill of a sound engineer: mixing and mastering a song, a phonogram or a concert.

Included in this subjects are:

  • History of recording in music industry
  • Study of different sound sources and their properties
  • Types of acoustics. Microphone types and their properties
  • Setting up equipment, commutation
  • Workflow management
  • Sound processing, fixing errors, working with takes
  • Mixing and Mastering practice

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