Editing, Mixing and Mastering


You recorded a song and now you have a lot of unprocessed material? We know how to help you.
Mixing and mastering is a milestone in every tracks life. This is the time when individual tracks stop being individual and become something whole, a finished composition.
A good mix engineer can make all the difference in a tracks destiny. Will your song touch the listeners hearts and make them move along with the beat, or will it be forgotten after the first listen?

Wi will fix pitch and timing errors to make your track the best version of itself.
Also, our engineer’s experience and high-class equipment allow us to meticulously fine-tune the details, so you could get the best mix quality you could get.

The price shown is for 1 hour of studio time.
Final price will depend on project size and objective.

Please contact us to book this service:
Phone: +371 26708549 | Email: info@soundschool.lv