On-site Recording


For the song to sound like a professional record, it not only needs to be performed well, it needs to be professionally recorded, edited, mixed and mastered.
Recording your project at Dynamic records guarantees you a top of the line approach every step of the way.

Our studio allows up to 32 track simultaneous recording with 4 monitor lines, which mean that the whole band can record at the same time. That will make the recording sound more lively and make the recording process more fun and not so time consuming.
We have 3 separate guitar spaces, which help avoid microphone bleed during live recording.
To help you sound as good as can be, you are welcome to enjoy our microphone collection, quality in house instruments, amplifiers and synthesisers.

  • 32 channel HD recording
  • 4 monitor lines
  • 3 guitar rooms
  • in house instruments and amps
  • microphone collection
  • central location
  • free tea and coffee
  • free parking
  • wi fi

Please contact us to book this service:
Phone: +371 26708549 | Email: info@soundschool.lv

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