Programming in Sound Processing and Synthesis


Nowadays, understanding programming is becoming more and more important in the sound design industry. It is a requirement often listed by the employers and also can be used to create your own, unique instruments.

In the process of studies, you will study:

  • Role of contemporary technology for work with music and sound
  • New possibilities, that are opened by technologies
  • Introduction to programming audio using Pure Data, MAX/MSP.
  • Acquaintance with Raspberry Pi, microcontrollers and sensors
  • Creating audio-visual instruments and installations

Additional information

Предварительно нужно сдать тест по курсу:

физика звука, основы электроники и схемотехники, музыкальные основы


4 часа лекций, 6 часов практических семинаров, самостоятельная работа.


тест, экзамен, презентация проекта


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