Music creation in DAW of Choice


DAW or Digital Audio Workstation, a software made to work with sound and music, is an essential instrument in the life of any contemporary musician. This subject is dedicated to different DAWs, and selecting one or more that suit you best.

While studying we'll:

  • Study the functionality of the software and learn to create your own music at the same time.
  • Learn to analyze, copy and create your own music, record instruments and use virtual ones.
  • Learn to create your own arrangements and get high-quality final results.

Available apps: Ableton | Logic | Pro Tools | Cubase | FL Studio | Reaper | Other available upon request

Remote lessons via Google Hangouts are available. Check connection guidelines to prepare your audio setup before the scheduled lesson.

Apply for a free lesson before you start.

Additional information

Предварительно нужно сдать тест по курсу:

музыкальные основы


6 часов лекций, 10 часов практических семинаров, самостоятельная работа.


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