Live performance and DJ techniques

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A computer with the aid of plug-in sensors and controller nowadays has come to be a new type of a musical instrument. At the same time, the ability to perform your music live is becoming more and more important. And we’ll talk exactly about that. The course is created fo DJs and music producers, who wants to develop their own shows at next level.


You will be:

  • Learning about equipment and software. We are going to cover AKAI APC40, Ableton Push, NI Maschine mk2 + JAM, Pioneer- DJMS9, Steinberg UR44 audio interface.
  • Programming MIDI controllers to do exactly what you want them to and how to use them at a live performance.
  • Learning in-depth about Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live performance software.
  • Specific technique basics such as live-looping, finger drumming, scratching.

*set of equipment and software might be adjusted by student’s request

Lessons are hosted by DJ Monsta


Additional information

Предварительно нужно сдать тест по курсу:

музыкальные основы


4 часа лекций, 10 часов практических семинаров, самостоятельная работа.


тест, экзамен, презентация проекта


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