Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering


This subject is dedicated to the main skill of a sound engineer: mixing and mastering a song, a phonogram or a concert.

Included in this subjects are:

  • History of recording in music industry
  • Study of different sound sources and their properties
  • Types of acoustics. Microphone types and their properties
  • Setting up equipment, commutation
  • Workflow management
  • Sound processing, fixing errors, working with takes
  • Mixing and Mastering practice

Additional Information

Предварительно нужно сдать тест по курсу:

физика звука, основы электроники и схемотехники, психоакустика, теория сигнала


4 часа лекций, 10 часов практических семинаров, самостоятельная работа.


тест, экзамен, презентация проекта


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